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Wed, Aug. 4th, 2004, 04:09 pm
sharpwords: Stuff needed for HRW webpages

I'm on the hunt for logs of stuff going on around High Reaches Weyr, particularly for things to do with the current New Head(wo)man TP (and if anyone has any gossip posts saved, I'd be eternally grateful). Old logs are great though! (I need to edit some of my own.)
I'm quite happy to hunt down logs myself if you point me in the right direction - char websites & LJs and anywhere else, or you can email me (+finger Donis on-game).
All I ask is that the logs are dated, at least to the month.

Also, if anyone has any artwork of characters and dragons they'd be happy to have displayed on the HRW webpages, again, point me in the right direction. I need the permission of the person who created it, plus a name and year for copyright reasons.

The HRW webpages (http://highreaches.y-ddraig.net) should be back up by this coming Sunday, August 8th, in their new PHPed glory.

Wed, Aug. 4th, 2004 09:01 am (UTC)

As always, the Tsu pages and Tat's pages are open for log-mining. Of course, updating those are still on /my/ to-do list. Cough. Anyway. www.dunnottar.org/tatia and www.dunnottar.org/tsunami