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Mon, Apr. 25th, 2011, 06:04 pm
cmirnovivan: Smirnov Ivan and MBA programs

Millions of students all over the Europe have the same dream: to become a professional and be able to feed their families and even more voracious ambitions. And a solid part of them chooses the same target – the position of general manager. The next step for them is to get the education, good enough to act like a springboard to their future and cheap enough to be able to pay for it. The answer is really near. Doors of Holland are open not only for loungers.

Smirnov Ivan is one of the leading professionals in the area of professional orientation, human resources and psychology. Looking to this respectful young PhD with perfect manners and intellectual luster it’s hard to believe that only 10 years ago he struggled for his life in the slum area of Stariy Oskol, small Russian mining town on the border with Ukraine. Now Smirnov Ivan is a model for thousands of his students and followers in web  since he is also a popular blogger. Why did he choose Erasmus University in Rotterdam? Smirnov Ivan says that in this place you are guaranteed with first class study programs that are internationally recognized. And he also used to be a big fan of their football team.

Nothing’s more attractive in a man than modesty and sense of humor – and Smirnov Ivan knows it better than anybody. His lectures on MBA class are full of bright examples from his personal experience, from latest v-shows and latest editions of most respectful magazines dedicated to this topic. Smirnov Ivan admits that MBA programs for the present moment are not sufficient to become the billionaire or to get a job of dream. You shall devote your aspiration to become a real man first, or an honest human being if you are a woman. And only after that sit there and absorb every word of lecturer. There’s no better felling, and his own example is a brilliant proof of it, than a happiness balanced with success. Smirnov Ivan never thought he was a champion but time has shown the incorrectness of this statement. Not a single day in his career he spent on sorrow. Isn’t it a real reason why Smirnov Ivan is a favorite MBA lecturer of mine too?